Me? On EWTN!

1 long ride home

As most of you know, I’ve been an aspirant in the permanent diaconate program for the Diocese of Las Cruces. Next month will be our final month and then we break for the summer and come back as candidates. During the beginning of our process, I was following Bear Woznick and his crew on their Youtube channel as they were filming a series for EWTN called “Long Ride Home.” Little did I know that Bear and his crew would be stopping in Las Cruces for fuel when my bride and I were going to have dinner before our diaconate weekend. Long story short, I introduced myself to them and told them that I’d been following their journey on Youtube. I tripped out that Bear recognized me as one of his friends on Facebook. We had a short chat before Bear asked if my bride and I would like to be interviewed for the show they were filming. Me being the extrovert was like “HECK YEAH” and my bride being more reserved I’m sure was yelling “HECK NO” in her head. Unfortunately for her, I have a big mouth and a “YES” came out before she could breath lol.

They interviewed us and by the time I knew it, it was done and it was time for all of us to move on. I was stoked that I got to meet Bear and Tony and was wondering if our clip would make the cut. A few months back, I was informed that we would be on episode 8. I was really excited about that. Since it was all a blur to me (being star struck) I can’t wait to see it cause I honestly can’t remember everything I said.

1 john
Bear, Me and Tony

Fast forward to a couple of days ago. I get a message from Bear asking if I could break away in May to be on Season 2 of Long Ride Home. In my head I was like “yeah” thinking “OK, they will probably call you up and do an interview over the phone.” Wrong! Bear told me that he was looking at the episode of my bride and I and that he thought it would be cool to have me on the show or to be part of it. This is definitely the work of the Holy Spirit because as you can tell, I’m the ugly one in the middle on the photo above…I’m no Tom Cruise lol. After discussing it further with my bride and with the help from Bear and his crew, I am happy to say that I will be joining them for Season 2 of Long Ride Home which will air on EWTN!

Just like with the call to the diaconate, I am nervous yet excited about this opportunity and I definitely trust in God that he will use me however he wants. Thanks to my brother Bear and the cast and crew for allowing a knucklehead like me be part of their journey.

Don’t forget to check out Season 1 of Long Ride Home on EWTN June 4th!

May God continue to bless you all in all that you do for his Kingdom. Viva Cristo Rey!

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