Filter Mania

There is an epidemic going around the world; a vanity epidemic! It is filter mania and it’s not just women who are doing it anymore. Please understand that I am not talking about makeup or makeovers. I am speaking about social media photo filters.  I used myself as an example above. The picture on the left is filtered. The one on the right is the real me. I’d like to start this post with a little story from a long time ago.

God world

God created the earth and everything that dwells upon it. It took him six days to do all of this and after each creation, he claimed that it was good. But there was a special day, that sixth day when God created mankind and all the living creatures of the earth, and as he looked it over, he saw that it was “very” good. Genesis 1&2

adam eve

The Lord God planted a garden in Eden in the east and in the garden he placed man and woman.  The man and his wife were both naked but felt no shame. The snake entered the garden and tricked the woman into eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The man and woman felt shame and hid. The Lord God called to the man and asked him, Where are you? The man answered, I heard you in the garden, but I was afraid because I was naked, so I hid. Then God asked: Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree of which I had forbidden you to eat? The man blamed the woman and the woman blamed the snake. Genesis 3:1-24.

1 devil whisper

And here you are today; listening to the snake again. But if you take the time to prayerfully read the story of creation along with the story of Eden, you will hear God speaking to you: “Who told you that you are ugly?” Somewhere in your life was or is a snake that has convinced you that you need to use filters to make yourself look like someone you once were or someone you never were. Stop listening to that snake and start listening to God. He created you in His own image and when he did so, he looked down and said “very good!”

wrinkled hands

Growing old is just a fact of life and in the journey of life that God has given us we will encounter a few obstacles that get in our way, some that will create scars; physically and mentally, and they will show our age. These are the things that we try to cover up with filters. I have features that I don’t like; some that I can control, such as my weight, and some that have happened through time, like wrinkles. But in those wrinkles, scars, and grey hairs, there are stories that go along with each one, stories about my life and some of the lessons that I’ve learned. We all have stories to tell and sometimes it’s those outer characteristics that tell part of our stories.


Another reason that I would encourage you not to use filters is that it is giving the people who view it false information. Let’s face it, some people are all about looks and that is what they are looking for, a good looking male or female, and when you post a picture that makes you look flawless and when people see you in person and realize that your social media pictures are completely different from what you look like in person, it can lead to insults, heckling, mocking, and possibly violence. It can be embarrassing for you and the party involved. Be honest, be proud, for you are a child of God and he didn’t make junk. Those types of people who are looking for others based on looks only will eventually find out that looks aren’t everything.

be yourself

So the next time that you take a nice selfie, post it; don’t filter it. Show the world that beautiful person that you are and don’t attach a “tag” to it like “unfiltered.” Just post the real picture and let the world get to know the real you.

Until next time, buen camino!

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