Red, White, and Yellow: The American Conservative

Does liberal America really have the power?

The left do have the power and they know how to use it. They have most if not all social media platforms, and they know how to use it against those of us with differing opinions. They gather together, putting their differences aside, to rally for their cause. They make the most noise and Get the most attention so that change is made in their favor.

I blame us, the conservative Americans. We don’t rally together like they do to make our voices heard. Instead, we make up reasons for why we can’t; “I would go to the protest but I have to work. I’ll be there in spirit though.” Very comforting words but that’s all they are, words.

We don’t have protests in our streets like they do, we sign fictitious online petitions that go nowhere but make us feel as though we’ve stood up for our rights and they forward it to all their friends on social media and like a bunch of lemmings, they comply.

We don’t make any noise like them. We complain about it to our little inner circle of friends instead.

If we want change, then we, the American conservatives have to change. We can longer cower like children afraid of the boogeyman.

How do we start? Organization

When given the opportunity to protest, do it. Plan it out, organize it, gather as many people as you can to commit to the cause (power in numbers), set aside any petty differences, and put your plan into action. I’ll give you an example of how we fail at protests.

In the small town where I live, there are multiple “pro-life” rallies held throughout the year. Some have 10, 20, 40 people etc. which is small. Why is that? Because they are held by separate churches or organizations. Instead of coming together for the same cause, they bicker about petty differences. Is it any wonder we are looked at as fools.

The left sees this too and they use it towards their advantage. They work to not only keep us separated from them, but also ourselves. They are in our work places, our stores, and our churches and they whisper in our ear, like the devil, words of division.

American conservatives sit on their rumps talking about “What I’ll do if…” How about instead of waiting for that”if” to happen, you go out and do something before it happens? What are you afraid of? Losing your job, your business, your status within the community? The left doesn’t care about any of that and that is why they have managed to change this country in their favor!

So in closing, don’t just say you are going to do something, Do It! Stand up for your rights! It’s not rocket science, it is as simple as turning your words into action. That is what the liberal American does. Why can’t you?

Most Americans conservatives are Christians and hold those values to heart. With that being said, I offer this prayer for us:

God, most powerful and Almighty Father forgive us. Not only for how we have sinned against you, but for the things that we should have done but we’re afraid to do. Forgive us for standing by and allowing our country to fall deeper into sin. We ask you Lord, to give us the courage, strength, and wisdom to stand up against the evils of this world, to boldly go out and make our voices heard, and to place you back, not only in the center of our lives, but the center of our Nation. Amen.

May we say “One Nation under God” and truly mean it.

Until next time, Buen Camino and God bless.

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