Puppets Among Us

Have you ever been to a marionette show? A puppet show? Well count yourself blessed because if you are on some form of social media, chances are, you see one everyday.

It’s not your typical puppet show. No, this one stars people you don’t know, and some that you do, like family and friends. Sometimes, you might even be the star.

It’s a show about a fallen nation. Once upon a time, it was a great nation, a nation that others wanted to be like. We were once a powerful nation, with strong morals, strong standards, and a strong military. Now we virtually have no morals, we’ve lowered our standards, and we want to do away with drill sergeants in basic training because of the stress they induce. Are we the new Rome and is our empire about to fall?

You know what we are now? The laughing stock of the world. Most of you all are so busy fighting with each other that you can’t even see what is happening right in front of you. Men who identify as women are now able to use bathrooms with your daughters and vice versa. Abortion wasn’t good enough in some states. Now those states have the right to kill the unborn up to the day of birth. It’s not ok to take a knee before a game to pray, but you can if it’s protesting against the police. And there’s so much more.

But you can’t see it. You’re too busy, arguing on Facebook, sharing memes to get your point across instead of your own words. It’s two humongous armies of keyboard warriors launching salvos of insults after insults at each other.

If you ever took a step back and looked at what’s going on, you’d see what I see…puppets doing their masters bidding. Fighting hard to keep this nation divided. That’s what they want, and that is what you do for them.

The only question is, who is your master? Is it social media? Is it mainstream media? Is it the Republican or Democratic Party? If you’re playing their game, you are a puppet. Don’t fool yourself and think that you’re not. I think Dave Mustaine said it best, “We dance like Marionettes Swaying to the symphony of destruction.”

The choice was yours all along, and it still is. Keep dancing their dance, or cut the string.

Until next time, “Buen Camino”.

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